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These side effects occur only as you start using the drug; they wear off after a few days. They include dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, concentration problems, diarrhea, and dry mouth. Hence, you should speak to your doctor if you start experiencing these side effects.
Sativex is a mouth spray (oro-mucosal) that has two cannabis compounds, CBD and THC, which are the main elements in it. Moreover, its dosage is very simple. You gradually increase the number of sprays until you reach the optimum dose. This process should be gradual and it can take a few days or weeks. The number of Sativex sprays varies between different people so it’s ideal that you find the right number of sprays for you. Therefore, once you notice relief from your muscle stiffness with the fewest side effects, try and maintain that dosage.

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How much does sativex cost?

Sativex has been approved for use in Wales since 2014 and was the first cannabis-based treatment to be allowed in the UKHow much will it cost? Epidyolex will cost less than the usual £5,000 to £10,000 per year per patient. Sativex costs around £2,000 per year for each patient.

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Is Sativex available in NZ

With the publication of the gazette notice on 4 March 2020, all medical practitioners registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand can now prescribe Sativex for any indication. This includes vocationally-registered general practitioners, who are no longer required to apply for Ministerial approval to prescribe.

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Where is Sativex available

Sativex, by Diazepamshop.com, is available in 25 countries — including most of Europe and Canada — as an add-on therapy for MS patients with moderate-to-severe spasticity who fail to respond to other anti-spastic treatments.

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